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The City League

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Playoff Weekend Oct 26 & 27

Cumulative Standings & Playoff Seeds
-Seeds are final


  • Schedule posted  Thursday 1:30 pm
  • $10 daily spectator admission for playoffs

The top team on bracket is the HOME team and wears LIGHT jerseys
(not the team listed first on the app schedule - look at the bracket)

City League Game Rules 

City League Playoff Rules

*Remember to respect opponents, officials, and other spectators.
*Any inappropriate behavior by players, fans, or coaches will not be tolerated. This league is all about the kids! 


We are proud to be running San Francisco and the North Peninsula's only club basketball league in the Fall of 2019.

All teams play 8 regular season games out of these selected dates below:

September 7 & 8
September 21 & 22
September 28 & 29
October 19 & 20
October 26 & 27*

*All teams qualify for playoffs and are placed into a single-elimination tournament beginning Oct 26.

Teams will play 2 games on either day (Sat or Sun)
--in some cases, teams play 1 game each day
--no admission cost for families

Location: San Francisco & Peninsula Gyms