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AAU Team Program - How it Works

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our AAU Team Program

► Who Can Play

   Boys & Girls 2nd grade - 12th grade. We try to find a spot for as many kids as possible. Due to limited resources, we cannot offer a spot in our team program to every kid. Our camps and clinics are always open to anyone!

► Teams

Whenever possible we attempt to field at least 3 teams per grade level, 10-12 players per team. The teams are as follows:

Travel Teams - Our Travel Team program is made up of Select and Red teams.

Club Teams - These teams play a local schedule and fewer tournaments than a travel team. They have a lower cost as well.

 Select Team  – Our Select teams consist of the most competitive players for their age group, who will play a Division 1 or 2 AAU schedule.  This team will play the most tournaments, including several travel tournaments. This team is for our most committed players and families. 

Black / Red Team  – Our Red teams are very competitive/travel club teams for experienced and enthusiastic players, playing a Division 2 or 3 AAU schedule, with some travel. Most Red teams are travel teams.

 Silver  Team  – Our Silver teams are club teams for players who have advanced beyond their recreational/school teams, and want to begin playing more competitively and are very passionate about the game.  They will play a local Division 2 or 3 AAU schedule, with most games in the Bay Area.

 The Academy – The Academy is a developmental program for players who are still learning the game. The focus is more toward individual skill development rather than team concepts. These teams will compete in-house with drills, competitions, and scrimmages.

Please see the ► Program Information page for more information on the breakdown on Club vs Select.

► Cost

For specific cost information, please see the program flyer on our ► Program Information page.

Our program includes the following (no added costs):

Practice facilities – San Francisco has high-quality gyms, at a high quality cost. We currently rent gyms all over San Francisco for our teams to practice in.

Coaches - All of our coaches are professional coaches with substantial coaching experience at  different levels. Most of our coaches are currently coaching high school basketball in San Francisco.

Travel -  For all travel tournaments, we cover our coaches’ transportation and lodging.  All travel & accommodations for the players is a personal expense, and is not covered by the program. We do not supervise players except during games, although we do help arrange carpools and hotel room sharing.

Tournament fees – Each tournament charges a tournament fee for each team, which Bay City will pay. We often exceed the number of tournaments we promise.

Gear - All Bay City apparel is high quality merchandise, and yours to keep. New players receive a reversible game uniform & practice jersey.  All players will also receive a new additional piece of Bay City merchandise each season! 

Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. All financial aid arrangements must be made prior to the beginning of the season. 

A financial assistance application is available by clicking ►here.


► Tryouts

- Tryouts for our AAU Team Program occur twice per year, late February or early March, for the Spring/Summer season (March –July), and late August for our Fall season. (September – November). Our AAU team program does not currently operate during the Winter. You can register for our tryouts online, generally at least one month in advance.  Sign up for a free account to join our mailing list, and you will be notified when registration is open.

- Each player in our program must attend our tryouts every season to be evaluated by our coaching staff.  Within one week after the tryouts, each family will be notified via email whether or not their child makes one of our teams, and which team they made.  Unfortunately, due to limited resources and the competitive nature of AAU basketball, we cannot accept every player.  We encourage each player to continue to try out in future seasons, if they do not make a team.   We do our best to make the tryout process a positive experience for each player.

► Games / Tournaments

The bottom line is kids love to play games, and we play most weekends.  We pride ourselves on having excellent communication and an organized tournament schedule.  We will provide each team with the weekends of the prospective tournaments at the beginning of the season.  Each tournament is run by a different club and is therefore set up slightly differently each time. However, the following will be consistent:

  •        3 games total for the weekend (typically 2 on Sat and 1 on Sun but can be vice versa)

  •        Game times are anytime between 8a-8p, so please keep schedules open during the weekend.

  •       Tournament Directors are required to get us brackets by Thursday evening, at which time we will review carefully and then send out via email. These emails require a response from each family within 24 hours, with your availability. We know that it is a challenge to receive the schedules so last-minute, however it is the nature of AAU.


► Practices

Each Travel team practices a minimum of 2x per week, and club teams practice a minimum 1.5x per week, but almost always have 2x per week.

All practices will be weekday evening between 4pm & 9pm. Typically our youngest teams practice earlier and our older teams practice later.

All  practices are held at high-quality San Francisco gym locations. 

► Commitment

For our club teams, we require a minimum attendance of 80% of all practices and games.

For our select teams, we require a minimum attendance of 90% of all practices and games.

If you are unable to attend a practice or tournament, please notify your coach/program director as soon as possible.