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The Bay City Basketball Academy Team Program will focus on building a strong fundamental base, understanding of team concepts, building confidence, developing that drive and never quit attitude. There will also be a focus on setting goals and putting in the work it takes to reach them. This will help players grow as teammates as well as individual players.

The goal of the Academy is to enhance players overall game and put them in a position to hopefully make a team in the future.

2024 Spring

The Academy will practice on one weekend day and one weekday. Designed to build confidence and fundamental skills, this is a great way to stay in shape and prepare for tryouts.

Academy Program Director is: Coach Rich Robinson – BCB Director of Camps and Clinics, Assistant Varsity Coach Stuart Hall HS.

Locations Include:

BCB HQ – 4550 Geary Blvd. SF

Buddhist Church – 1881 Pine St. SF

Practice 2x Per week (1 week & 1 weekend)

Practice 1x per week (Sat or Sun)

We will focus on:

Ball handling
Helps develop coordination, hand strength and hand quickness which helps with overall confidence.

Shooting Form
We will make corrections with form to be a more consistent shooter.

Offensive Concepts
Reading the defense, (taking what the defense gives you), passing and cutting, pass and screen away, on ball screen actions (roll, pop, splitting screens), dribble handoffs, dribble drive motion, low post and high post play.

Offensive Footwork
Focus will be on pivoting, jabs, cross steps, catching on 2 and being explosive with your first step.

Defensive Footwork
We will focus on becoming a better defender by working on stance, slides, close outs, angles to cut off, getting over screens.

Focus will be on building strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance.

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