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‘CLUTCH TIME’ skills clinic

Clutch Time: Framing the Game with CT

Being a game changer can take place at any point of the game. 

Whether it’s an and-one finish to start a run for a team, a clutch three in the final two minutes to take the lead, or simply going by a defender for a game winning jumper, we will get you prepared.

Game changing comes at specific moments whether a specific possession or a collection of plays, but a game framer, that’s an all game mentality a lot of players can obtain, but few can master.

Framing the game is analyzing and knowing how a defender or defense guards each possession and how one can exploit their weaknesses. A drive to the right here, a crossover there, or a kick out to the corner by sucking in defenders already knowing three possessions ago it would happen. Game framers know how to take over a game without breaking a sweat due to their mental preparation and commitment to perfection on the floor. Attacking a defender with a slew of moves is only the beginning. 

The main focus is to fine tune Offensive & Defensive fundamentals, mentality, skills, and concepts. This clinic is designed to breakdown how to become a well-rounded basketball player. Everything from pivot-rips, jab step backs, tactical defensive mechanics, locking in on-ball, etc. All drills & strategies are to build confidence among players when they step onto the court for their respective team. All players will be given direct instruction to learn from an active playing and experienced staff while developing a healthy competitive attitude.

During this time, players will learn many solo skills necessary to excel at the middle school, high school, and maybe even college levels. This clinic mainly encourages the embodiment of basketball; Positivity, Intensity, and Hustle. Similar to a college level workout, players at the same time will be taught the importance of working hard and playing smart no matter your age/skill set.

The ending result, a die-hard commitment for mastering the game of basketball.

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