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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from intentionally paying attention in the present moment. It is a simple and easily accessible practice that can not only increase the basketball skills of our players, but has also been proven to be supportive and invaluable for ones academic and relational life.

What are the Benefits?

The list of benefits are long but the most important are increased concentration, self-regulation, calm, clarity and self-empathy, all of which lead to a deeper self-confidence and self-acceptance.

In our world today, there is so much stress and anxiety that we all need a time tested way of relaxing both the body and the mind.  Mindfulness practices have been proven to be effective from both thousands of years of yogic experience, and modern scientific testing and methods.

“I have been teaching and training in many different mindfulness and yogic practices for over fifty years. My three most important points that I emphasize when I teach young people are:

1. Make it fun
2. Make it simple
3. Make it relevant to their lives”

-Mitch Durell

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