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Bay City Presents Wheatley Bootcamp


January: 22nd & 29th 

February: 5th , 12th & 19th 


9:30 AM – 10:30AM 


Bay City Facility

4550 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 


$125 for all 5 classes 

$35 for single sessions

Ages 10 – 16 

Class Description

This boot camp class is often compared to a dance; focus being technique, balance, precision, agility, and flawless movement.  Footwork patterns are drilled endlessly until it becomes second nature which will compliment seamlessly with basketball.


1) Coach Wheatley will teach a variety of beginner to advanced movements that are excellent for conditioning and balance and hand/eye coordination.

2) We will focus on using the right body mechanics and weight transfer. This movement builds hands and feet coordination, the art of upper and lower body harmony working together.

3) We will do conditioning drills, when the body is tired and uncomfortable. This is when we build focus and mental toughness. Both are essential skills for a young athlete to perfect, which directly correlates to the game of Basketball and life in general. We will focus on building self esteem and encouraging young athletes to be in a positive state of mind through getting in better shape and working together. It is proven that mental health is directly tied together with being in a stronger cardiovascular condition.

4)There is a huge correlation between being an excellent basketball player and having extremely strong conditioning. This one hour class will improve mental and physical health and conditioning.

*** Bay City Basketball is a non violent organization. We do not promote violence in any way.
This class is not focused on fighting or learning how to be aggressive towards other human beings. It simply utilizes boxing movements to help condition the mind and body***

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